Shawn Levenberg

Growing up in Asia, Europe and the Middle East, has given Shawn an exceptional ability to be able to absorb different cultures and languages. Shawn’s first started out in a career of music, entertainment and the arts. Creating a show troupe from multiple nationalities that also included a five piece band, they performed everywhere from weddings, music festivals, corporate events and live TV shows with over 5 million viewers.

Branching out from live entertainment he soon grew his skill-set in events management, branding, advertising and global fundraising. He has worked with clients such as HSBC and Boeing in Dubai, Hilton Hotels and Pfizer in Turkey, to high end fashion companies in Germany, and the yachting industry in Fort Lauderdale. Shawn has since been working with the Echea Group for the past 2 years as their director of marketing, allowing them solidify their brand across the internet.

Making a transition into the real estate market was an easy one to make. With a solid foundation of customer service and his ability to think creatively and effectively solve problems, has turned many customers into repeat clients and then into close friends. Shawn Levenberg is a strength to have as an your Real Estate Agent and working with him will never be a disappointment

Shawn has also participated extensively with not-for-profit organizations and humanitarian events bringing aid to war zones, natural disaster areas and refugee camps in many countries around the world

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